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Kids say the darndest things

Mommy:  “You know Em, Winn is going to be here before long. We’re going to get to hold him and kiss him. He’s going to come out of Mommy’s belly in just a few weeks.”

Emma: “Owwww, Mommy, that hurts!”

Mommy: “Emma, put your hand here. You can feel Winn’s foot. Oh, and look, there’s Winn’s booty. Feel Winn’s booty!”

Emma: “Eeewwwww! Winn’s booty is stanky, stanky!”


The “Doss” Clan

I just know my readership has been wondering where I’ve been the last two weeks. Ha! I’m feeling a little overwhelmed these days about all that needs to be done before Winn makes an appearance. If you walked in to our house, there is very little evidence that we will be having a baby next month! Yikes! And in the midst of that, my sister got married this last weekend. So Em and I were on the road for a week, doing fun wedding stuff. I’m so glad we got to be there in the days leading up to the big event. There was so much to be done and lots of fun to be had. And it goes without saying that Misha nabbed herself a pretty great guy! We managed to get a family picture before we left, and it really hit me that my parents’ family is growing! Five has become eight, almost nine. And that makes me happy 🙂