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I never thought I would . . .

have a tea party WHILE sitting on the toilet.

cling to my afternoon nap for dear life.

change crib sheets so very often.

be that person who sings along with reckless abandon to the Backyardigans.

love the zoo so much.

cry, repeatedly, when my friends have babies.

so cherish my 6:30 date with the Baptist Rehabilitation Pool, along with six other pregnant women, bobbing around in amazingly unflattering swimsuits.

miss Emma so much when she spends one single night away.

go through such incredible amounts of Biz.

take such joy in the things that give Emma joy.

have so much fun making my daughter clothes.

cry while writing this post.

Here’s to motherhood!!


Practice makes perfect

I’ve spent the past three days being the mommy of two. Some good friends of ours needed someone to watch their 10 month old little girl, and so, having little going on this week, we obliged. Emma actually LOVED having a little someone else around and it just proved even further that she’s going to be a great big sister. She would dart into the other room, and once she realized Ruby was crawling behind her, Emma would turn around, slap her thigh, and say “C’mon!” as if beckoning a dog. I should mention she’s been doing that to us a lot lately too – it’s kind of hilarious!

Ruby brought a few toys with her, and one of them has a Spanish language setting. Emma probably spent more time playing with it than Ruby did and has picked up a few new words. I love hearing her little almost-two-year-old voice say, “amarillo” and “uno”.

The weather has been really nice the past few days, and so, feeling rather brave, I decided to walk the two girls down to a park near our house. Here’s a little glimpse . . .

I think a double stroller may be in our near future! Our little outing went great until Ruby threw up ham chunks DOWN MY SLEEVE and as I was picking them out, I looked up to check on Em and she had a mouth full of sand. Time to go home.

Today we decided to pack up both kids for a little excursion to the hospital. Ha! Some good friends of ours had their baby (finally!) yesterday and we’ve been dying to see her. So into the car they both went. It was a little surreal having two car seats and kiddos in the back seat. Jacob and I both looked at each other as if to say “are we ready for this?!” I’m sure we looked like quite the crew – two kids under two years old, plus one more on the way! People must think we’re baby crazy 🙂

Spring Fever

Not only have I been dreaming about a beach vacation, but I’ve started to make a mental list of the things I want to sew for Emma’s spring/summer wardrobe.

#1 — the Market Skirt from Made. How stinkin’ cute is that? All I need to do now is find some great seersucker 🙂

#2 — another recycled tee ruffle dress (remember this?)

#3 — the Shirt Dress from Made (again – big surprise!)

#4 – and of course one of my own Jemma Dresses in some great new fabric I just bought

AND, I just might have to make one or two of these for my pregnant self 🙂