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Snow Day

We get a lot of weather false alarms here in Little Rock. The weathermen are constantly predicting snow that never comes. Well, we finally got a small slice of a winter wonderland here this weekend. While it still wasn’t quite as much snow as we would have liked, it was enough to cover the ground and kind of play in, never mind the layer of ice underneath it all. “Snow days” don’t have quite the same appeal when you don’t have anything to stay home from. There is a certain thrill to waking up in the morning and finding out that you don’t have to go to work. Ha! We spent the weekend pretty much doing life as usual, with the added excitement of getting creative with the contents of our pantry and some Saturday morning sledding. Here’s a little peek at Emma’s first real snow play (minus the pictures of her and Daddy on the sled – they were going too fast to capture the moment)!

I tried to get them all to post in a cool video but couldn’t get it to work, so here are the highlights 😦

Warming up with a sippy cup of her first hot chocolate!


My Big Dipper

I consider myself lucky in that Emma continues to be a pretty good eater. I’m afraid I have gotten a little lazy lately with the variety of foods that I offer her, but she will typically try something new. Her latest thing is dipping – anything into anything. I always give her a little dollop of sour cream or guacamole with her quesadilla (a lunch time favorite) but I’ve been trying to think of other fun and healthy dipping options. A few others we’ve tried and she loves are hummus, homemade honey mustard, ketchup, peanut butter, and cream cheese. Any other great ideas out there in cyber space?? Please share!

I just can’t get enough of this

I wish I could get this super cute and absolutely adorable video to load directly to my blog, but since I’m technically challenged and Jacob isn’t here at the moment to help me, you’ll just have to watch it via this link for now. I’m pretty sure I’ve watched it a dozen times already tonight, and I don’t see me stopping anytime soon! I think my favorite part is when she says, “Love you Daddy!” That actually makes me laugh out loud EVERY SINGLE TIME. Or maybe it’s when she says, “Smile, smile” over and over at the beginning. I don’t know. You’ll just have to decide for yourself 🙂

Recent Shenanigans

— While sitting in the living room, Jacob and I heard a strange clapping sound coming from Emma’s bedroom. We tiptoed back there to check on things and found Em sitting at her table with her socks on her hands, trying to do a puzzle.

— Yesterday, Emma ran very focused through the living room in the direction of her bedroom. I heard something that sounded like her pushing her grocery cart across the wood floor, and then complete silence. After a few seconds, I thought I should investigate and as I walked into the kitchen, I was very surprised to see her standing on a chair that she had pushed up to the sink. Here we go, again!

— Enough said:

Like father, like daughter

Emma wants to be a photographer.

She has been running around all day with Jacob’s headlamp hanging around her neck saying, “Pitcher, mile!” (Translation: picture, smile.)  And when Jacob jumped up to grab his camera to nab a shot of her trying to walk in his shoes (literally), she immediately hopped out to grab her “camera” too!