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The cat is out of the bag

After six weeks of secret doctor’s appointments and baggy clothes, we’ve finally broken the news that Emma is going to be a big sister!! We told my family over Thanksgiving but wanted to hold out until Christmas at the cabin with Jacob’s family to tell them. I honestly can’t believe we managed to keep it from them because I AM TOTALLY SHOWING already! I know everyone says that about the second one, but really, this is a little ridiculous! I can’t believe you can tell I’m pregnant at 10 weeks. Anyway, baby #2 is due the end of July. We are super excited (and a little freaked out at times!). And we are completely convinced Emma is going to be the best big sister ever.

Aunt Carrie and Emma wearing her "I'm the Big Sister" t-shirt


I kind of LOVE this idea

Wish I had thought of this first. I just might have to try it out next year. Great idea Katie Did!

Baby Fix My Car

Emma’s most recent naptime/bedtime favorite:

And I couldn’t help but add the description from The McSweeney’s Store.

“Are you a parent? Are you tired of driving around in an old wreck of an automobile? Never fear–help is on the way. This book will teach your little ones the ins and outs of basic repair. It’s quick, easy, and best of all, much cheaper than your local garage. Thanks, Baby!

Tots will be entranced by the shapes and colors, all the while learning how to do basic car repair. An essential purchase for expectant parents, harried mothers, hungry fathers, and overly involved grandparents.”

Ha! Thanks again for last year’s Christmas gift, Uncle Hunnow. Be assured it’s loved!

O Christmas Tree

Emma and I did quite a bit of Christmas shopping on Saturday and spent part of the evening wrapping gifts. She really got in to it and wanted to help as usual so I gave her a pretty good sized scrap piece of wrapping paper to play with. I managed to get all the gifts wrapped without any major mishaps (we only tore the wrapping on one present – Em insisted on helping fold in the sides :)). Her real job though was to put the presents under the tree when I was done. And she did this job well and with such excitement!

Fast forward to late last night.

I went to unplug the Christmas tree around 11pm and noticed a rumpled “package” nestled in with the other gifts. I recognized the paper as the wrapping paper that Emma had been playing with the day before. The object inside was kind of long and narrow and had simply been rolled up in the paper. I peeked inside that sweet, crumpled package to find . . . my left black suede dress shoe.


So, I may have mentioned a while ago that a random lady from Orange County contacted me after seeing my Eekleberries shop on etsy. She has a popular lifestyle blog and she loved my stuff so much that she wanted to feature me as one of her favorite things on her holiday gift guide. I whipped up a dress for her adorable daughter and have been waiting ever since. Well, today is the day! I just checked my email and already had an order from someone saying they saw my stuff on her website. Can’t believe it! And the best part is that I’m doing a giveaway on her blog so check out Tammy Mitchell Photography for your chance to win an adorable Jemma Dress.

A recession of a different kind

Have I mentioned that Emma didn’t start consistently sleeping through the night until she was a year old? That’s rough folks, really rough. Needless to say, I’ve gotten a little spoiled over the past few months. Sleep is a wonderful thing! But suddenly, this past week has been a visit back to her infancy. Emma has been waking up almost every night, multiple time (5+), screaming. Not whimpering, not crying, screaming. I think it started when she came down with a little bug and had a fever.  Of course I was sympathetic to my sick little girl, so I started going in there every time she cried. And that was the beginning of a very bad habit. Here we are, a week later, sleep deprived and cranky.  Apparently it’s rolled over to nap time too. Em has NEVER been a good napper, but now she’s down to 45 min. if we’re lucky. And that’s obviously just not enough. Thank goodness I have a very level headed husband who at 2:30 in the morning, after listening to Emma cry for over an hour, still has the sense to resist the coddling I so easily cave in to. And that’s what happened last night. Reason won and we opted for the cry-it-out method that lasted for oh so very long. So it’s 9:00 a.m. Emma’s still asleep after seriously wearing herself out. I’m tired after laying there awake for what seemed like forever. And nap time seems very far away.

Anybody have any other ideas, because I’m open to suggestions!