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The Highlights

On Tuesday morning, we packed up the car and headed out to my parent’s place in rural MO for a five day Thanksgiving getaway. Even though the seven hour drive is always a little daunting, Emma has proved to be a pretty good road tripper. I mean, who doesn’t get a little antsy after seven hours in the car?? We all arrived with smiles on our faces — let the festivities begin! A trip to MO usually means lots of down time, but this trip was jam packed with activity. Here are the highlights (minus pictures – Jacob hasn’t had a chance to load them on to the computer yet – I’ll post them soon!)

Tuesday — yummy fajita dinner, quality time with the fam

Wednesday — a visit with Emma’s great grandparents, wedding dress shopping with my sisters, birthday celebration complete with carrot cake, bonfire and s’mores

Thursday — Thanksgiving celebration with the extended family including the annual hayride around my uncle’s farm, naps, Blindside

Friday — a trip to the park, rides in the wagon for Emma (pulled by the lawn mower!), more wedding dress shopping, quick trip the Gap outlet, double date in KC with Misha and her fiance

Saturday — french toast with homemade blueberry sauce, one final ride in the wagon before the ever-s0-long drive home

I didn’t tell my parents this at the time, but as I was giving Emma a last-minute diaper change before strapping her in the car to leave, I asked her if she was ready to go to “Emma’s house”. She said, “No!’  And who can blame her!


The Jemma Dress

I made a dress on Monday for a door prize for my Moms ‘n More brunch. The only problem was that I loved it so much! I wish I would have had a chance to slip it on Emma for a sec and snag a few pictures. Guess I’m just going to have to make one for her. The fabric is just too great to pass up! Oh, and you can buy it here 🙂

P.S. – Didn’t Jacob do a great job on my little tag?! I love it!

The Handmade Dress

I’m not very lucky, but I would love to win some cute new sewing patterns. Keeping my fingers crossed!


The weather has been absolutely amazing here for the past week or so (we were way overdue after all that rain) so Em and I have been taking full advantage of it! This past Friday we got some friends together and headed to Baker Park for a little fun in the sun. I’m not sure if Emma is overwhelmed or intimidated by other kids, but it seems like whenever we’re in a social setting, it takes her forever to be her fun self. It really wasn’t until Paxton got there that she eased up and stopped being so serious. And who could blame her? He sure is a cutie!WM1789






ADD? I think not.

I love that Emma is old enough for us to really start learning some things about her personality. I have a feeling that so many of the little things I notice about her now will be really telling in the years to come. Specifically, Em has demonstrated lately no lack of attention span. She is currently sitting on the couch with a handful of Crayons and a small metal tin, putting the Crayons in the tin, then taking them back out. She’s been doing this for the past 30 minutes. She did the same thing yesterday. And a few days ago, we spent an hour in the front yard raking and bagging leaves, and by WE I mean Emma and I. She literally helped me the whole time, picking up leaf after leaf, acorn after acorn, and putting them in the bag. I love my little helper! Those are just a few examples from many. But like I said, it’s going to be neat to see how her focus and persistence develops as she gets older.


Emma is 1 1/2 yrs old and in all that time, I can only think of three pictures that were taken of just the three of us. And if you ask me, only one of them is worth counting at all. Until now! I finally talked Jacob into swapping family pic shoots with another photographer (thanks Ashley Carson Photography!). On Tuesday we went out to Wildwood geared up for some fun. Emma had been pretty cooped up all day and it was a beautiful outside. When we got there, all she wanted to do was play. Needless to say, Em wanted nothing to do with us trying to hold her down for a picture. She spent the first half of the shoot fighting us with tears in her eyes. Until she saw the swans. Emma LOVED them. They were the only thing that made her smile, meaning we only got a few happy pictures of her. But that was enough for me! Here are some of my faves: