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The Jackpack

How cute would Emma look in this?




Emma dropped a can of fruit cocktail on her toe last week – she’s a really tough girl so I knew this one really hurt when she cried off and on ALL night. The nail on her left big toe is black and will probably fall off any day now. Poor baby!

GG gave Em a big new teddy bear when we were in Memphis last weekend and it is her new favorite buddy. She says “bear” perfectly. Yesterday all she wanted to do was put a diaper on him, and at one point, I walked in to her room and caught her lying him down on a pillow in the big rocker, rocking him back and forth and saying “shhhhh”. What a little mommy!

On a related note, Emma and I went to the mall for a little bit this afternoon. Somehow, from the opposite side of the mall, she spotted the Build-a-Bear store, gasped, and said, “BEAR!!”

Home sweet home

Emma got home yesterday after spending a few days in Missouri with my parents. I knew she’s do ok, but it was a relief to find out that she actually did great! She slept well, didn’t fuss, and managed to survive the 7 hour car ride without me. Jacob and I got to spend some quality time together while Emma got to hang out on the “farm”. Here’s a glimpse of her adventures:






Now all she wants to do is play outside!

Proud to Present . . .


After about a week of Jacob’s hard work (thank goodness for a tech savvy husband!), eekleberries is up and running!! I wish I could take credit for the awesome website, but I can’t. I’ve had HTML nightmares several time this week! Ha!! I’m kind of diving head first into this whole thing hoping it works and hoping I don’t get overwhelmed. But I’ve had so much fun this far and look forward to whatever is ahead. So check it out and spread the word 🙂

Reading List

These have been Emma’s favorite books the last week or so. Interesting combo if I do say so myself!

germs BB WEB

aliens love underpants


Little People

Call me a bad mom. Go ahead. But after Emma’s birthday I hid a few of her presents, you know, for a rainy day. Over the past four months I have unveiled them when it seemed that Emma needed a new distraction. Today was one of those days. I’m guessing it was the aftermath of yesterday’s shots, but Emma was so whiny today. So after lunch, I found myself looking under the guest bed for the last hidden gift – a Little People playhouse. She promptly spent the rest of the afternoon moving the mommy from the potty the the chair. Over and over. Needless to say the playhouse is a hit. Thanks Grandma and Papito!