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My little linguist

Ok, so we’re really just working on english right now, but at the rate we’re going, who knows how many languages she’ll have under her belt by the time she’s three.  Ha!  Emma seems to be a vocabulary sponge right now.  She learns a new word every few days.  Yesterday it was doo-doo.  Thanks Jacob.  A few days ago, she learned her own name, and she knows it’s her name.  She has been walking around the house constantly saying “Memmy” and pointing to herself.  Adorable!  Here is a comprehensive list of words learned so far:

Dada, Mama, wawa (water), dog, shoe, nana (banana), ball, Papa, Mimi (Grandmother, you lose!), baby, Memmy, doodoo, ch (chair), baba (milk), moo (cow sound), thhhhh (teeth)

I realize that some of those may not count in your book, but they do in mine and you can’t do a thing about it!



I really need to get over the looming sense of rejection when Emma doesn’t eat something that I’ve prepared especially with her in mind.  It’s like being a newlywed all over again, except Emma can’t exactly jump up and make herself a PB&J when dinner doesn’t satisfy.

Last night I made mini meatloaves from The Petit Appetit Cookbook, which were a surprising hit with Jacob and I, but not so much with Em.  So much time and thoughtful effort with little reward.  I’m beginning to realize that’s what parenting is at times.  Please note my emphasis on at times.  There is plenty of reward when it comes to Emma Kaye.  Different post, different day.

So in my search for finding good food that Emma will like, I came across this website last night that I’m really excited about.  There are SO many great ideas for all stages of feeding.  I really can’t wait to try some of them out.  Some soon to be favorites are benedictine, tuna apple and raisin salad, and baby frittatas.  They sound so yummy to me — hopefully Em will think the same!!

Together With You

We got this in the mail yesterday.  An acqaintance of mine recently started this company and we were lucky enough to be part of the test group.  In short, they make baby videos similar to Baby Einstein, but they are personalized with your own pictures, names, and even audio.  It’s a perfect product for families that are spread out.  It’s really easy to do and Emma loved the video yesterday when we watched it.  It was so fun for her to see pictures of all of her out-of-town grandparents, aunts, and uncles!!  What a great idea!

Daddy Daycare

Last week was a big week for all of us here at the Slaton household.  For me (Micaiah), it was my first extended period of time away from Emma.  I was lucky enough to get to go to Boston and Cape Cod for the week with a few of my good girlfriends.  So that meant Jacob stayed home with Emma – one of the perks of having a self-employed husband!!  I wasn’t so sure how we’d all fare.  Five days is a long time for me to be away from my little girl, not to mention that it’s a long time for Daddy to be flying solo with EKS.

I shouldn’t have worried.  I somehow managed to make it all week without shedding a tear, and Jacob proved to be more than capable.  Although next time I will stress the importance of vegetables a little bit more!!  Here are a few of his posed pics that he sent me throughout the week in an effort to freak me out!!