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A Poem

(Written by Emma’s Grandmother)

Golden joy with curly cues,
Dimples and cool clear blues,
Titling, toddling, falling down,
Quick cries and smiles,
And round and round.

Pork Chop, Punkin, Baby Doll,
Mostly merry Ekleberry.
Emmy, Eks ,Emma Cakes,
Each day happy sounds awake.

Laughter, hugs,
Blown kisses, loves.
Da-da, ni-night,
Her inner light.
Free show each day,
Amazing Emma Kaye!
~ The Grandmother


All Girl

Emma’s femininity has really shown through lately.  Here are a few examples:


She has started carrying around a purse. It's amazing to me that she picked that up just from watching me. She's really good at getting it on her shoulder and she switches it back and forth between arms. Pretty adorable.

She likes to load up her bag with goodies.  Shoes, toys, diapers, anything will do!

She likes to load up her bag with goodies. Shoes, toys, diapers, anything will do!

Emma has really started doling out hugs and kisses.  I LOVE it when she comes at me with her arms outstretched and wraps those grubby hands around my neck.  Paxton Page came over to play today and she wouldn’t stop lovin’ on him!!


I put Emma in her apron for the first time today while I was cooking dinner. It is about the cutest thing I've ever seen.


I'm starting her out in the kitchen early!!

Un-wed with child

Or at least that’s what people thought of Jacob, Emma and I this past Sunday at the Bridal Expo we went to.  Let me explain.  Jacob is participating in a bridal fair in August, and when we saw the advertisements for a bridal expo at Altell Arena, we thought it would be a good opportunity to see what the other photographer’s booths looked like.  So we headed to NLR.

As we walked in to the building, we started to realize that we really stood out.  Most of the people there were moms and daughters, groups of girlfriends, and the occasional groom-to-be that somehow got coerced into tagging along behind his bride.  Did I mention the “brides” were 23 years old, max, and decked out in their Sunday best?  We made our grand entrance, just as one of the event staff walked down the admission line playing the bride guessing game while handing out “I’m the Bride” stickers.  Thankfully he ran out of them before he got to me and had to turn back around to reload.  A group of girls came in behind us.  Emma immediately waved to them (as is her fashion) and they were under her spell.  After a few minutes of this, she started getting a little antsy so the two of us jumped out of line to play on some couches nearby.  I looked up just at Jacob made it to the front of the line.  I heard him ask for two tickets, but the guy was saying something back to him that I couldn’t quite make out.  He eventually handed Jacob a white plastic bag, right as the group of girls behind him pointed at me and shouted, “There’s the bride, she’s over there!”

Thanks for that.