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My latest tricks

Em has learned to do quite a few funny things lately.  I’ve been keeping a running list for you.  She:

— kisses the characters in her books.  Won’t kiss us though!

— dances to music or any good beat.

— does this hilarious karate chop thing with her hand.  I laughed so hard today at dinner — it’s great!

— fake burps (thanks for that one Jacob).

— opens the cabinet doors in the kitchen.  Time to baby proof.

— has learned how to unroll the toilet paper in the bathroom.

— will “give you five”.

— says “dah” every time she sees a dog.

and the icing on the cake . . .

— shakes her finger at me every time I tell her not to play with the trash can.  Little stinker!!


Leavin’ on a jet plane

This past weekend was a jam packed adventure for Emma.  She went on her first plane ride to visit family in Austin with my mom and me.  I wasn’t sure what to expect – I never really know how Emma is going to deal with new experiences.  I shouldn’t have worried though, because Em was a super star on the plane.  I couldn’t have asked for a better behaved baby.  I really didn’t want to be that person that everyone hated at the end of the flight because my daughter cried the whole way.  On the contrary, Em slept one leg of the flight going both ways and the other leg, she was enthralled with looking out the window and peeking at the people in the seat behind us.

Emma and I on the plane from LR to Dallas

Emma and I on the plane from LR to Dallas

Our flight from Dallas to Austin was a little delayed so we spent our time playing by the window at our gate.  We met a little friend there who was the same age as Emma.  They had a blast chasing each other around and banging on the window.  It was hilarious!!

Having a blast with her new buddy

Having a blast with her new buddy

Once we got there, Emma got to meet a whole new set of relatives.  My grandparents, aunt and uncle, and several cousins all live there so there wasn’t a shortage of new faces.  It was especially fun because my cousins Kelly and Scott both have had babies in the past six months.

Emma, Luke (9 weeks) and Elle (5 1/2 months)

Emma, Luke (9 weeks) and Elle (5 1/2 months)

It was so great to have all those kiddos together.  They were like little stairsteps.  Emma and Elle were even wearing the same pants!!  Em also got to meet her great grandparents for the first time.  She really put on a show for them.  She danced and waved and did her silly little scrunched nose face over and over.  They got the biggest kick out of her.  It meant a lot to Jacob and I for her to finally get to meet them.  They sure had their hands full in this picture — Grandpa was wrestling two of them at a time and Em wasn’t making it very easy for him seeing as how she doesn’t really know how to sit still!!

Grandpa Harry and Grandma Dolly with the great grands!!

Grandpa Harry and Grandma Dolly with the great grands!!

The icing on the cake was when Emma and my dad were playing on the floor with a baby sized basketball goal.  She was having so much fun with it that she kept letting go and just standing there hands free.  That would last a few seconds before she’d realize what she was doing and grab for something.  At one point, Dad started moving the toy so that she wouldn’t have anything at arm’s length to hold on to.  That was when Emma took two steps!!  That’s right, her first steps!!  What a milestone.  We all got so excited I think we scared her almost to death.  This was taken just a few minutes before it happened.

No hands!!

No hands!!

All in all, the trip was a success (I won’t go in to how miserable both the nights were! Anyone surprised?!).  Thanks, Mom, for all your help.  I think I need a little more experience before I try something like that solo!


Have I mentioned that Emma is a waving machine?!  Everywhere we go, she waves at everyone and everything.  I think that means that she is really friendly and not shy like her mommy was.  Going to the grocery store is hilarious because she waves at each person we see, and they get the biggest kick out of her.  It takes us twice as long to shop because people are constantly stopping to talk to us.

In other news, Emma has recently fallen in love with dogs.  Solomon is her #1, but she’s made a few new friends lately.  We were at some friends’ house last night and Emma was in rare form.  She was completely in love with their Australian Shepherd, Tozer.  It amazes me that she isn’t terrified of an animal five times her size.  But she thinks they are the coolest things ever.  She crawled after him all night and squealed in excitement.  And I think she said her second word – “Dog.”  She said it over and over.  Love it!!

Saturday afternoon we got lucky with some snow flurries.  It was completely unexpected and really came down for a while.  Emma had never seen snow, so we bundled up in a blanket and went outside.  All three of us had our tongues sticking out, trying to catch some flakes.  Em was mesmerized!  It was great!!  Jacob got some great shots of us …