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First words!

Last week, Emma clammed up and wouldn’t say anything more than “uh” over and over again.  Then Tuesday night we celebrated Christmas with Jacob’s side of the family and she turned into the biggest jabberbox.  It was as if she had been storing up a weeks worth of vocabulary and just let it all fly at once.  Wednesday morning we left on a seven hour drive up to Missouri for the Doss Christmas, and Emma really surprised us as we were getting gas in Springfield.  Jacob hopped into the backseat as the gas was pumping when plain as day she said, “Hi Daddy!”  Not a jumbled mess; not even Dada. “HI DADDY.” Of course we freaked out, and she’s been saying it ever since.  This morning, she woke up earlier than usual, so I pulled her into bed with us so she wouldn’t wake up the rest of the house.  And the first thing out of her mouth?

“Hi Daddy!”



My baby love

I think Uncle Hunter is smitten.

Jacob’s brother came in to town last Friday (along with his other siblings) and we had such a blast hanging out with him and the rest of the fam.  Hunter hadn’t seen Emma since she was about a month old, so it was really fun getting to show off all her new tricks.  She sure did ham it up for him too — she has started doing this hilarous thing where she wrinkles her nose and breathes in and out real fast for a few seconds.  Every time Hunter came in the room, Emma went to town with that one.  And he loved it.  But then again, who wouldn’t!

Emma loves you too Uncle Hunter.  She told me so.

F is for Farm!

F is for Farm!, originally uploaded by Jake Freedom.

Emma has finally taken an interest in books. I stopped reading to her for a while there because all she wanted to do was eat the pages. “F is for Farm” is her favorite right now. It’s a great touch and feel book that keeps her attention — the chicks are soft, the duck’s head moves, and the tractor wheels go ’round and ’round.

I guess we’ve read it so many times lately that she has learned a great new trick. Jacob caught it on camera tonight so take a peek!!26700921