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I Love . . .

. . . Emma’s big, slobbery, open mouth kisses

. . . how Em lights up with excitement when Jacob comes home from work

. . . the huge smile that greets me every morning when she wakes up

. . . wiping sweet potatoes out of Em’s ears

. . . how Jacob is always coming up with new, fun ways to play with her

. . . it when I catch Emma smiling to herself

. . . that Em has figured out how to make waves in her bathtub

. . . hearing happy squeals from the other room

. . . my little fambly!!

Oh Mylanta

A trip to the pediatrician on Monday confirmed that Emma had ear infections in both ears.  She’s been sick for over a month now and I sure am ready for her to be well, for her sake.  She sure has taken it all in stride.  Besides the awful rattle in her chest and her constant pulling at her ears, you might not even know she was sick.  She’s been happier this past week than, well, ever.  Happy until it’s time to change her diaper.  The antibiotic the doc put her on has really messed her up and I have found myself changing innumerable diapers every day.  By Wednesday Emma had a terrible diaper rash and diaper ointment just wasn’t cutting it.  So I called the pediatrician (again — I’m pretty sure they know me by name now) and she gave me the most bizzare diaper tip ever.  Moms everywhere, listen up.  The answer is Mylanta.  And not in the way you think.  She told me to rub a cotton ball soaked in Mylanta on her bottom, let it dry, and then top that with my diaper ointment.  I was skeptical, but gave it a go, and I have been pleasantly surprised.  So I will be keeping a bottle of Mylanta at my changing table from now on.  It’s the mother of all home remedies!