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Happy 5 Month Birthday!!

Emma is five months old today.

I honestly didn’t know that bringing a baby into this world would be such a roller coaster ride.  I did not expect it to be easy.  And I knew that it would be one of the greatest joys of my life.  But I didn’t know exactly HOW hard this little person would turn out to be, or that just minutes after crying my eyes out because I don’t know if I can take it any more, I would be crying my eyes out again at how wonderful she is.

Emma is hard.  Probably the hardest baby I’ve ever known.  And I have people to back me up on that.  I’m not just saying it because I’m in the thick of it.  She is infamous in the halls of the church nursery, where there are hundreds of babies there on any given day.  Our friends and family have seen her at her best and her worst.  I’m learning something though.  I’m learning to celebrate all those moments, the good and the bad.  They’ve been given to me for a reason, so I might as well learn from them.  Here is a brief rundown of our joys and trials over the past few weeks:


— I have spent countless hours listening to her cry before nap time and bed time.  And I’m not exaggerating.  I’ve heard enough crying to break down myself a countless number of times.

— Emma continues to wake up many, MANY times at night.  We’ve actually regressed in that department.  I think I counted ten times two nights ago.

— We seem to not be able to leave her with anyone except grandparents.  Early attachment issues??

— Her reflux has continued to be a battle and the cuplrit of several problems.


— As of this past Friday, Emma has laid down for all of her naps at home without any real tears to speak of.  MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH!!  I give all the credit to my mom, who somehow helped break the bad cycle we were in.

— We’ve been trying to get her to eat cereal for about a month now, to no avail.  Today, however, in celebration of her b-day, Emma chowed down!  It was hilarious.  She loved both the cereal and helping hold the spoon.

— I read something last week about babies who don’t like bottles may like to go straight to a sippy cup.  So, what the heck, I gave it a shot, and it’s her new favorite thing.  Who would have thought?!  I haven’t had an occasion to give her milk in it yet, but she really likes sipping on a little bit of water.

Emma, I’m looking forward to many more months to come.  The good and the bad.  Bring it on!



I started writing this post on Monday and am just now getting around to finishing it.  Hopefully that will clue you in to what things have been like around here lately.  It’s been eventful to say the least.  But back to the topic at hand.  Jacob, Emmy and I decided to be adventurous and took a trip to Jackson, TN this past weekend to visit some of Emmy’s cousins before they move farther away.  It went better than I could have expected (thanks to Dave and Linda’s helping hands), and it was so good to get some quality time in with the Stevensons before they head north.  Here are a bunch of cousin pictures — I can’t wait for others to be added to the crew!!!

Emma and her new cousin Aidan

Emily giving Emma sugars

Emily giving Emma sugars

Olivia loves Emmy!!

Olivia loves Emmy!!

all Emmy's cousins (minus baby Aidan)

all Emmy's cousins (minus baby Aidan)

My Leading Lady

Emmy’s First Movie!, originally uploaded by Jake Freedom.

I just never know what to expect when I leave Jacob alone with Emmy! And I mean that in the best way possible. He’s so good at entertaining her, and I’m pretty sure she returns the favor. Today I returned home after doing a little shopping to a quiet house. Jacob was sitting on the couch messing with our new computer and Emma was sound asleep, which is a feat in and of itself lately. Jacob gave me a funny smile as soon as I walked in the door and I knew he had been up to something. He sat me down and and showed me this. I laughed so hard I almost cried! I’m so thankful I have a hilariously creative husband. Enjoy!