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First Foods!

Em had her four month check up on Thursday.  Everything went great.  According to Dr. Annullis, she is a chubby bunny of average height with a small head.  Ha!  She looks pretty proportional to me!  The doc also said that since Emmy is such a big eater and still seems to want to wake up in the middle of the night (at least once or twice, ugh!) to nurse, we might want to try starting her on some rice cereal before bed.  So . . . Emma tried eating real food last night for the first time.  What a momentous occasion!  Here are a few shots of the event:

If the second picture is any indication, Em didn’t really go for it.  Her favorite food is still “boob juice” (as Jacob refers to it).  I guess we’ll try again in a week or so!!


It’s been a big week

I’m constantly amazed at how fast babies grow up!  Sometimes it seems like Emma is changing right before my eyes.  She met some really fun milestones this week that I have to brag about.

Saturday — Em decided she’d finally go for the pacifier.  She only likes it when she’s really sleepy and a little fussy, which actually seems like the perfect time to me.  I’d really rather her not suck on it all the time.

Sunday morning — Emma found her feet!  The two of us were sitting on the front porch when all the sudden, she noticed the flowers on her footed jammies moving around.  She naturally grabbed for them, and she’s been playing with them ever since.  I love going to get her up in the morning only to find that she’s just laying there talking and playing with her feet.  It’s the cutest thing!

Sunday evening — Thanks to Grandmother, we’ve finally found the spot that really makes Emma laugh.  She has teased us with her giggles for about a month now, but as hard as we’d try, she was really stingy with her laughs.  What was really frustrating was that it seemed everyone but us could get her to laugh.  For some reason, she thinks that Matt and Kinsey Perry are hilarious.  But try as we might to re-create exactly what they did, she wouldn’t laugh at us.  Until Sunday.  Apparently she loves it when you smooch a lot on her neck and then laugh really loud.  Grandmother really got her going at dinner, and then Jacob was able repeat it once we got home.  It made him melt and fall even more in love with her.  Read what he wrote about it here:

Wednesday — For quite some time now, I’ve been trying to get Emma to roll over from her tummy to her back.  She doesn’t appear to be too interested and just ends up getting mad.  I keep a little quilt of hers on the living room floor for us to play on, usually on her back.  All week she has been swinging her legs over trying to flip onto her tummy, and yesterday she managed to do it all by herself for the first time.  It’s funny to leave the room for a moment and return to see that she’s turned over without anyone to cheer her on.  I guess this is the beginning of her mobility!

The many personalities of “I” Street

I love our little neighborhood.  It’s a quaint pocket of Little Rock where people actually sit on the porches of their 1920’s bungalows; where you share an after work beer with the neighbors; where you can walk to the grocery store, the park and your local favorite restaurant.  We actually just got back from taking Emma for Sunday morning brunch at The Laughing Moon Cafe.  It was, as usual, delicious.

Since Emma’s arrival, our porch swing has become my new best friend.  I spend hours (not an exaggeration) out there everyday as it seems to be her favorite spot.  If she is in a fussy mood, just step outside and it has an automatic calming effect on her.  We had to take a leave of absence toward the end of July due to the scorching hot weather, but we’ve returned thanks to the uncommonly pleasant weather August has had to offer us so far.  Our little addition to the family has thus not gone unnoticed by the residents of “I” Street, or other regular passersby for that matter.  There’s Dewitt, who lives in across the street and two houses down, who walks every morning around 5:30.  For a few weeks, Emma decided to wake up about then, ready for the day.  So we’d head out to the porch in an effort to let Jacob sleep.  Dewitt and I would exchange pleasantries as the sun rose, and we were apparently missed once Em grew out of that phase (thank goodness!).  Then there’s Miss Ann, our feisty 93 year old neighbor to the left, who impressively lives alone and always says hello as she pulls her garbage can out the curb.  She recently expressed her frustration to Jacob in a front porch conversation that she couldn’t hold Emma because she was afraid she’d drop her.  Next is Adam.  He, his wife and their 9 year old daughter live in my favorite house on the street.  They have a little pip squeak of a dog that he often chases past our house on his morning potty break (the dog’s, not Adam’s).  This morning, as Em and I sat there, enjoying my cup o’ joe, Adam strolled past in his plush Embassy Suites robe profusely apologizing for his pooch who wouldn’t stop barking at us.  He then mistook Emma for a boy (really??).  We’ll forgive him, won’t we Em?!  Finally, there’s the man in his mid-fifties who walks past every afternoon in his hiking boots and technical shorts.  I don’t know his name, and he doesn’t live on “I” Street, but as Em and I swing, he makes sure to note how much she’s grown.

Even though we’ve lived here for almost two years now, I’ve gotten to know our neighbors better in the past four months thanks to mia chicita bonita.  Babies sure are people magnets.  I guess that’s something you don’t fully understand until you have one, especially one as cute as ours!!


Since I’m not the designated family photographer, the pictures I take are often deemed sub par.  Which I’m sure they are.  I’m completely okay with that.  But that means that Jacob isn’t always around to capture the little things we do during the day.  So here are a few of mine that didn’t quite make the cut.

Em and Sasha, her adorable stuffed kitty cat.

I’ve also been desperately trying to capture Emma playing in her new favorite toy — her doorway jumper.  The only problem is that she’s constantly on the move, which doesn’t make the best picture.  Here’s one that will suffice.

Baby steps in the right direction

Up until this past week, Emma’s sleeping patterns have been anything but regular.  Bedtime has been a headache, not to mention a backache.  In the early weeks, I think we established some not so good habits to get her to go to sleep.  Looking back, I really don’t think we had too many other options.  Em was definitely NOT an easy newborn and we did anything we could to help her sleep.  We settled with what seemed to work — playing a rainstorm cd while bouncing her on the edge of our bed.  But lately I noticed that it was getting increasingly difficult to get her to fall asleep.  Each time I’d put her down, she’d wake back up and scream bloody murder.  So I’d pick her back up to repeat the cycle all over again.  This was not working anymore for a number of reasons, the least of which were the growing soft spot in our mattress and the chronic back pain I complained about day after day.  It was time for a change.

As a mother, I’ve balked at those women who proudly announce, “I’m a Baby Wise mom.  My child has been sleeping through the night since he was eight weeks old and putting him to bed is a breeze.”  Ugh.  But out of desperation, I checked the Baby Wise book out from the library last week.  I read it in one day.  And it seemed like it would solve all my problems.  I updated Jacob when he got home that evening on what I’d read and we talked about what our new plan should be.  It all started with moving Em out of our room.  Thank goodness!!  No more whispering and tiptoeing around.  That was step one.  Step two required us to put her down while she was still awake and let her soothe herself to sleep.  We put it to practice on Thursday night, and I didn’t know if I was going to make it.  Emma has a serious set of lungs and she cried so hard for so long.  In the end, we were strong and managed to restrain ourselves and she eventually fell asleep on her own.

Friday night was a repeat of Thursday, except worse.  After 45 minutes and several previous attempts to soothe her, she had worked herself into a sweat (the back of her jammies were soaked) and the poor thing was hoarse.  Not only did she cry, but I cried too!  That was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do and after a while I couldn’t take it any more.  I caved and went to get her.

Saturday was an entirely different story.  When it was time for bed, I rocked her for just a minute as I had done the previous nights.  When I laid her down, she just curled up and started sucking on her hand.  I left the room waiting for the wailing to begin, but it never did.  Definitely too good to be true.  I had no expectations for Sunday night to go as smoothly, but it did, as did Monday.  I may be speaking too soon, but it looks like we’ve won a small victory!!!!