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Summa’, summa’, summatime

We took Emmy swimming for the first time this past weekend.  I wasn’t sure what she’d think about it.  She really seems to like getting a bath so I was optimistic.  Here are some pics to commemorate the event:

Even though she may not look like it here, she really loved it!!  Toward the end, Em realized she could splash and got really excited.  I think she’s going to be a little water baby.

Here’s an unrelated picture that is sure to get some laughs:

My little couch potato

My little couch potato


Public embarassament #1 . . .

. . . because I’m sure this is only the first of many.

It all started out as an innocent lunch with a few friends.  Emmy included of course.  I met Julia and Lauren around noon today at Jimmy’s Serious Sandwiches, one of my favorite local lunch establishments.  Everything was going well; good conversation, good food, good baby.  Emmy was sitting in her Bumbo on the table.  I finally have hands free eating again!!  She hadn’t taken a nap yet today and was looking pretty sleepy so I picked her up because I thought she might fall asleep in my lap.  I took another bite of my fruit cup when I realized there was a very warm substance on my arm.  As I inspected the huge glob of goo, my initial thought was that it was the “house spread” from my sandwich.  But I quickly remembered that a) it was several shades darker than the “house spread” and b) I hadn’t eaten any more of my sandwich.  I then noticed that the “goo” was all over the front of Emmy’s shirt as well.  Of course it wasn’t goo, it was poo!!

And it was everywhere.

That’s when we all started laughing uncontrollably.  Lauren and Julia sprang into action.  I’m sure we created quite the commotion.  Julia promptly grabbed a handful of napkins and wiped the poop off my arm.  It was the best we could do at the moment even though there were some pretty nasty remnants that would only disappear with soap and water.  The dirty napkins were discarded on top of my sandwich, which I guess I was done with since the paper lining of my lunch basket caught a poopy smear as Emmy went from Bumbo to lap.  Lauren found the extra diaper and wipes in my purse and we then tried to devise a plan on how to get Emmy to the bathroom without leaving a trail.  It was a two man job and we got stares the whole way.  I guess it didn’t help that we were still laughing!

Once in the bathroom, I realized how poorly prepared I was for this situation.  It was a one-seater with little space for changing a baby, let alone a sanitary place to do it.  And here I was without my trusty changing pad from the diaper bag.  A burp cloth on the floor was the best we could do.  I know.  It was disgusting and I’m a terrible mom!  Ha!  We eventually got Em cleaned up, although would you believe this is the first time I’ve left the house without an extra change of clothes?  I guess I learned my lesson the hard way!  She had to face the restaurant in only a diaper.  We made our way back to our table, where I realized that I still had not washed the poop off my arm.  Back to the bathroom.

We finally had ourselves together and Emmy was clean enough to make it home.  This definitely called for a bath!

Here it is, 2pm and I have just now gotten things cleaned up.  Bath time was put on hold because of explosion #2 and wetting the changing table twice.  I really wouldn’t believe all that if I hadn’t been there to personally experience it.  This will be one of those stories you tell your kids when they’re older.  But like I said, I’m sure it’s only the first of many.

Silly sleeping and other news

I came home the other evening from a baby-free outing to find Jacob and Emmy like this:

I couldn’t keep from laughing!  There she was, completely passed out on her daddy’s legs, arms limp to each side.  It was so cute!  And yes, she could breathe.

I also thought this next picture was worth posting.  All Emmy wants to do lately is sit up.  Between this and the teeth, I think we might have an early achiever on our hands.  So we bought her a Bumbo last week and she loves it!!  It’s hilarious because she seems like a little grown up in it, just sitting there looking around at everything.

Road Trip ’08

This is a little over due, but I thought I’d go ahead and post it anyway.  Jacob, Emmy and I went to Missouri to spend the 4th of July with my family.  Let’s just say that a 7 hour car ride with a child who does not like her car seat can be a real challenge.  But over all, I’d say the trip was a success.  At least now we know it’s possible, and I can only hope that it will get easier from here on.

We spent Saturday afternoon with lots of relatives who were eager to get to meet little Miss Emmy for the first time.  I think it’s really neat that she has six great grandparents who are still with us.  She got to meet two more of them, her great grandpa and grandma Tebbenkamp.

Emmy, Me, my mom, and her mom

Emmy, Me, my mom, and her mom

Thanks a lot, Uncle Hunter!

Sunday night was bad.  Emma woke up every two hours to eat and she hasn’t done that for a very long time.  Monday she was really clingy.  I couldn’t put her down for the life of me.  She woke up every time I tried to lay her down for a nap.  I got absolutely nothing done all day.  Monday night was a repeat of the night before.  Then, instead of just being clingy, she cried pretty hard a lot of the day.  By 2 o’clock Tuesday afternoon, I had tried everything and was completely frustrated.  This was a major regressions and it was not OK with me!!  I went to change her diaper and mid scream was when I saw it — her first tooth poking through.  After doing a little reading, the past two days were full of symptoms.  I felt so bad for being so frustrated.  At least now I know what I can do to help ease the pain.

It’s not just any old tooth mind you.  It’s a molar.  She’s had these two little white bumps on her gums since she was born, one on each side of her mouth.  I watched them closely at the beginning thinking that they were about to pop through at any moment.  But the pediatrician kind of laughed at me when I mentioned it at her one week check up.  Since then, I haven’t really given them a second thought since the average age for a baby to get it’s first tooth is 7 months.  Ha!  Here she is, 10 weeks old and cutting her first tooth.  Apparently, teething patterns are hereditary.  I was 10 months so she obviously didn’t get them from my side of the family.  I’ve since learned that her uncle Hunter cut his first tooth when he was three weeks.  I guess that’s where this is coming from!!