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Woe is me

For the past two months, I’ve been lamenting the fact that Emmy refuses to suck on a pacifier.  During the first four weeks of screaming, I faithfully tried to tease her with them, hoping that the next time I did would be the magic moment.  But that never happened.  It just makes her more mad and she screams at you as if to say, “Get that thing out of my face!!”  I even tried four different kinds of pacifiers thinking that maybe she’d like one better than the other.  Now we just have tons of unused pacifiers lying around.  I’ve stopped trying to force it, even though I think it would make her a lot happier and my life a lot easier.

But wait, it gets worse.  Last week when Jacob and I went out for my much needed birthday dinner, we left Emmy with his parents.  We also left a bottle since we planned on being gone for more than two hours.  (Yeah, that right.  She eats every two hours like clockwork.  It kind of ties this momma down!!)  Well, about 9pm we got a call from the grandparents saying that Emmy refused to take the bottle.  She didn’t want anything to do with it.  Up until then she had taken a bottle without a second thought.  We rushed back to their house because at this point she was almost an hour overdue to eat.  Birthday night cut short.

Fast forward to last night.  There was an open house at the art gallery where Jacob has some of his photography on display.  Kind of a big deal for him so obviously I was going to be there to support my hubby.  It wasn’t exactly the kind of place for babies, let alone my baby.  I met the Slatons there and they took her back to their house so I could stay for a while.  Again, with a bottle.  Which she again refused.

So apparently my one hope for a few free hours is gone.  It looks like I will be tied down to feeding Emmy every two hours for the next several months.  It’s really depressing when I look at it that way.  And at the same time, it’s a real lesson in selflessness and sacrifice.

All the same, I’ll be really glad when she’s on solids!!


This might be the cutest face ever.

I’m a big kid now!

Emma is getting plain ol‘ chubby!!  Check out these rolls . . .

They seem to have just appeared out of nowhere.  Jacob’s favorite is the middle-of-the-forearm roll that can’t be seen in this picture.  At least we know she’s healthy!!

Emma went to the doc for her two month check up this past week.  She weighed in at 11 lbs. 9 oz. and everything looked great.  She got her first shot and was a real trooper — she hardly even cried.  I was so proud of her!  We did discover that she has acid reflux, which may be the culprit for a lot of the crying.  She has been taking medicine for it this week and has been so much happier.  I’ve been a lot happier too because she’s actually taken real naps this week instead of sleeping maybe two hours all day in 15 min. increments.  The change in her mood allowed us to spend almost every night this week with friends.  I took her out to lunch with girlfriends on my birthday and we even ran some errands around town yesterday.  Life seemingly as usual!!

Check out the other new pics of Emmy here.

Changes for all

My parents and sister were here for a few days this week.  Meg hadn’t met Emmy yet so they got in some bonding time. 

From the minute Emmy arrived, I’ve been very aware of how much having a child was going to change our lives.   But this week I realized something else.  Having a baby changes the lives of the people close to you too.  It’s made our parents grandparents, our siblings aunts and uncles.  And that’s a neat thing to watch.  It seems to knit people closer together.  All because we’re celebrating a new life. 

Sometimes I feel like as a parent, I have really big shoes to fill.  But there are new shoes to try on for our families too.  And I think the shoes all fit.


I know that I’m going to regret writing about this because I’m sure just vocalizing it will make it never happen again.  But, Emma has gone 6-7 hours between feedings the past three nights in a row.  That’s pretty amazing!  I fed her last night at 10:30pm, and about 5 o’clock this morning I started getting worried about her.  I got up twice to put my finger under her nose to make sure she was still breathing.  Too bad I was so concerned about her that I wasn’t able to sleep much myself!! 


I just cleaned up an enormous explosion of the aforementioned substance. And it really takes a lot of time to deal with these situations. This particular mishap occurred while Emmy was sitting in her bouncy seat, so not only did I have to change the diaper, give her a mini bath from the armpits down (!!), and change her clothes, but I had to disassemble the bouncy seat so I could put the cover in the wash. Whew, what a process!!

Emmy seems to be a daytime doodooer, which means that Jacob usually misses out on the excitement. Lucky dog!!

Ok, enough about that.