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And I quote . . .

“I can’t wait to love you for the rest of my life.” That’s what Jacob told Emmy last night before she went to bed.

We fell in love with Emmy the moment we saw her. But it sure has been easier to love her lately. This morning, after an awesome night’s sleep, I fed her, burped her, and then turned her to look at me. That’s when she flashed me this wonderful little grin that made my whole day. It was the first time I felt like a smile was intentionally directed at me. It was like she was saying, “Thanks for breakfast Mom!” She did the same for Jacob before he left for work. “Have a good day Dad!”

I love my little family.


Come one, come all

Well, here goes. I am officially entering the world of blogging. I’m definitely not the technologically savvy one of the family, but as our families and close friends become increasingly more global ( Guatemala, Northern Ireland, England, France, Indonesia, Senegal . . .) this will probably be the best way to keep everyone up to date on our growing little girl. So bear with me as I try to give you a glimpse into Emmy’s ever-changing life.

Jacob and I both agree that this past Saturday was one of the best days of our entire lives. Bold statement, I know, but it’s true. Besides the few hours we get to spend together each evening, this weekend was the first chance since she was born for us to spend some extended quality time together just as a family. We’ve had family in town for the past four weekends, and as much as we have enjoyed getting to see everyone, it was a much needed break. We were rewarded for our patience with an angel baby for the day. Saturday was Emmy’s one-month birthday, and she treated us to some of her first smiles and coos. She was so happy and content and took a marathon nap that afternoon. We were able to just enjoy her together instead of feeling the need to relieve each other from baby duty, which is what our evenings often look like.

On a different note, I have decided that Emmy is going to be a daddy’s girl. Two things lead me to believe this:

1) We have settled into a routine in which Jacob takes the first “shift” of the night. Emmy usually eats around 10:30-11pm and then Jacob stays up with her if need be while I go ahead to bed. They usually end up on the couch, Emmy asleep on Jacob’s chest. Ever since we’ve started doing that, she has slept so soundly at night. They’ve gotten in some serious bonding, and it seems to be just what she needs to soothe her before bed. Thanks honey!

2) Jacob and Emmy have the same taste in music. She was born a Dylan fan and her most recent favorite is Levon Helm’s album Dirt Farmer. Like father, like daughter.

And by the way, it’s taken me three feedings, two naps and a poopy blowout to write this thing (half of it with only one free hand). Looks like I might be better off doing this at night!